Facebook Buying WhatsApp for $19B



1.Do you favor any of the three social media services that Mark Zuckerberg now owns: fb, Instagram and WhatsApp? If so, which and why? And if you don't, why not?

2.Do you use any other social media services such as Twitter or Pinterest? Why or why not?

3.The article mentions the trend fb has taken in these later years, do you believe the same applies for Japan? Why?

4.The article mentions WhatsApp use in Europe, Latin America and India, do you believe it is the same for Japan? Why or why not?

5.If you use or have used fb you know there is a lot of advertisement you have to see to keep it free. On the other hand, WhatsApp is mostly free to use today; however it displays no advertisements so far. What could you infer could happen with WApp from the previous statement? And if you use WApp today, would you keep using it if you had to see advertisement display each time you used it?

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