The Komodo Dragon chilli hits supermarket shelves- but why?


It seems us Brits, and now the Irish, can't get enough of new ways to tickle, or in this case, torture our taste buds.

Check out this article and related video which coincides with the commercial release of the Komodo Dragon chilli in Ireland. While it doesn't promise to provide you with the ability to actually breathe fire, it looks as if your mouth will be ON fire!


1) Would you be brave/stupid enough to try the world's hottest commercially available chilli? Why/why not?

2) It appears that food challenges are becoming all the rage at the moment. Take, for example, the cinnamon challenge and now this one. Is it just a bit of fun or is it potentially dangerous?

3) Although chillies may appear an exotic food for some people, for others they are a normal part of their diet. The infamous durian fruit is much loved by many in South East Asia, not sure about Japan, but has been likened to the smell of “rotting flesh” by others. Are there are any foods in Japan that you think would be a challenge for foreigners to eat? I would love to hear about them, I can't promise I will try them though :)

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