Rise in sales tax


I’m sure you’ve felt the effect of the rise in sales tax recently. Many people rushed to buy staple goods like tissue paper and expensive things like train passes. How do you think the rise in sales tax will affect society and the economy?

Japan Raises Sales Tax for the First Time in 17 Years (BBC) (http://www.bbc.com/news/26830486)


1. How will Japan’s low birth rate and increasing number of elderly people change society?

2. The article says that the tax increases are "aimed at covering rising social welfare costs linked to Japan's ageing population”. Do you think there are other ways the government could raise money for social welfare programs?

3. What are some steps the government could take to encourage people to have more children? (Lower taxes, more social welfare programs for families, etc.)

4. Do you think raising the sales tax is good for the economy? Why or why not?

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