How to be selfish in parenting


Article:How to be selfish in parenting

1. The article says:

Today’s cushy-parenting has created out-of-control over-entilted blamers. “In fact, the inability to deal with life is so acute nowadays, that mental health issues are ever spreading…

Do you agree that parents do too much for their kids nowadays? Can we see some of the affects of this in current society?

2. It can be difficult as a parent not to want to be closely involved in your children’s lives, even if it may be detrimental. The article states:

It’s unfair to expect so much of your children, or, even worse, use your children’s achievements as part of your own accolades, whilst failing in your other aspects of life; be that career, be it the relationship with your partner, be it your basic social skills.

How can a parent balance being a parent and being their own person? Do you find this balance difficult? Do you think it is more difficult for fathers or mothers?

3. I think most people would agree that it’s important that kids help around the house with chores and be responsible for their own things. The article says:

Get your kids to do stuff for you. You are not their servant, nor the doormat. The earlier you stop behaving like one, the earlier they’ll grow to respect you.

What do you think are the best ways to involve children in the household? How many/what kind of chores do you think are appropriate for children? Does making children do chores teach them respect for their parents?

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