What is your greatest moment?


What is your greatest moment? The answer is simple. My greatest moment has been and continues to be to “help others.”

Of course, I have so many special moments in my life such as living abroad, meeting my husband, the birth of my son, goals achieved, and awards/honors received.

However, I receive my highest level of personal satisfaction when I can help someone else achieve his/her goal(s) or feel better.

A few examples are listed below:

• seeing a smile when a non-native speaker finally understands a new or difficult English concept

• seeing the joy and awe of a struggling student who has worked hard on a particular task and received his/her paper with an “A”

• receiving notification that one of my students reached his/her goal or passed a certain exam

•helping international students handle all the concerns/needs that arise while studying in the U.S. (a foreign country)

• watching the international students whom I’ve helped graduate from the university . . . and go on to do great things with their lives

• bringing three friends from different countries (Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan) home to my parents’ house at the last minute because they had no place to stay during a weeklong Thanksgiving vacation from my university

o(*Note: They all still remember experiencing a true American Thanksgiving and my parents’ generosity that week. We had so much fun! )

• receiving a smile and a nod (non-verbal communication) from helping people on the street who cannot speak English and need directions because they are lost

These are only a few of the “greatest moments” I’ve received in my life.

I look forward to receiving more of them in the future. Thanks for reading!

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