Valentine’s Day is February 14th. It is the time for LOVE! What will you do on this day? Will you give some chocolate to a special person?

In the U.S., the cultural customs on February 14th are different than in Japan. Americans do not celebrate or have “White Day” as Japanese people do. Instead, on February 14th, both men and women do something important for the special person in their lives.

In Japan, on February 14th, women give chocolate to the special men in their lives. However, in the U.S., it is popular for men to give items to women. Some special things women receive are balloons, chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, jewelry, etc. Couples go out to eat dinner at an expensive restaurant. This is very popular for people who are dating. If people eat out at a restaurant, they must have a reservation. All the restaurants are full.

In Japan, only girls give chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day. In the U.S., all the children (boys and girls) give Valentine’s Day cards with a small piece of candy or toy to each classmate and all their friends. In school, children are taught to bring cards and gifts to each child in the class. That way, no child feels sad. There is also a special party in each classroom at school. The children do lots of Valentine’s Day crafts and eat food (decorated heart shaped cookies, candy, etc.). Parents come to the school to help host the party.

Which do you like better, the custom of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Japan or the U.S.?

Do you think Japanese students should have a Valentine’s Day party at school?

Do you like the idea of both boys and girls giving cards and gifts to all their classmates/friends?

I hope you have a wonderful and memorable Valentine’s Day this year! Thanks for reading!

Peggy Setoguchi


1.A couple: two people

2.A reservation: an arrangement that a person makes to have something held (e.g. hotel reservations; restaurant reservations). For restaurants, a table will be held in the person’s name at a set date and time.

3.Dating: two people who are romantically involved; boyfriend and girlfriend

4.Eat out: eat at a restaurant – not inside the home

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