We are looking for online instructors that are multi-cultural and multi-talented, from all over the world. Instructors can be educators, editors, business owners, scientists, architects, students, homemakers, writers, designers, musicians; who possess a passion for teaching English to Japanese learners.


A Mail Pal online instructor

  • Is a native speaker, or has a native level, of English
  • Has experience teaching English, preferably English as a second language
  • Has a university degree from an accredited institution, or comparable work and life experience
  • Has a strong knowledge of English editing, grammar, good penmanship and spelling.
  • Has basic typing and computer skills
  • Is professional at all times
  • Is reliable and punctual
  • Is self-motivated and outgoing
  • Is mature, compassionate and patient
  • Is able to think on their feet, and to write and edit English to fit the client's specific needs
  • Is willing to be flexible
  • Has cross cultural understanding
  • Has knowledge of own culture
  • Is a person with wide interests
  • Is friendly and polite with good communication skill