Lesson Flow

1. Instructor search

Students search the instructor after looking through your profile page and blog through tutor search system at Mail Pal. Students can browse through a range of instructors from country, topic (lifestyle,etc), ranking that he or she would want to exchange e-mails. Therefore it is important for instructors to make an attractive profile to appeal your skills, experience, back ground, lifestyle, strength and interests.

2. Pre payment to Mail Pal

Students pre- pay either per e-mail or purchase a coupon before selecting and writing to the instructor.

3. Select course and instructor

After payment confirmation students selects the instructor that he or she wants to exchange e-mails and writes to the instructor. (either 100, 200 or 400 words).

4. The Instructor replies and edits students e-mails with friendly pen pal style

After receiving e-mails from the student,the instructor writes a reply + edits + give tips to student's e-mails within 2 (48 hours) working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Additionally,some students may send business e-mails for editing which the instructor is asked to edit per request.

* The more attractive the reply,there are more chances for the instructor to receive more e-mails.

5. Payment to instructors

On the 15th of the following month,Mail pal will pay each instructor adding up the total instructor fee of the previous month.